New EPA Administrator – Sylvia Bessinger

Dear EPA Members,

EPA wish to update you on the following.

EPA Administrator handover

Mrs. Rica Blaauw will be handing over the EPA Administrative Desk after almost 8 years with the EPA to Mrs. Sylvia Bessinger.

Mrs. Bessinger has been accepted as successful and fitting candidate by the EPA Council on the 7th March 2023.

Please note that the current office hours of the Administrator Weekdays from 09h00 till 11h00 (for telephonic enquiries) Please drop a email if your not able to reach the EPA Administrator and she will respond.
EPA email :
EPA telephone : 081 833 4621

EPA AGM : Save the date 16th May 2023
We have circulated the draft EPA Strategy / Business Plan and encourage your feedback as members on or before the 3rd April please do participate in this exercise as our AGM business will focus on this topic.
EPA Membership Database:

Please find attached the EPA UPDATE Membership Form which we encourage members to please send us updated information if they have since 2019:

  1. Successfully obtained their ECN Certification as Pr. Eng / Incorporated Engineer and or Engineering Technician to
    update your EPA Membership from Associate to Corporate to have vote right at the upcoming AGM as well as
    issue the relevant EPA Membership Certificate. Provide the completed update form with the scan copy of the ECN
  2. Successfully completed your studies in Engineering and now eligible to be upgraded from Student Member of the
    association to and Associate Member. Provide the completed update form with the scan copy of your qualification
    and the ECN confirming registration in training.
  3. Retired Members – members wishing to remain as members of the association however have since retired. This
    will only affect your annual renewal fees not your category of membership.
  4. Changed employer and or relocated to please provide the new details for our database as per the form supplied.

We are looking forward to welcoming you all at the AGM 2023.

Rica Blaauw