Construction Industry Adjudicator Nomination Services

Through the EPA National Adjudicators’ List (EPA-NAL), the EPA offers an impartial and strictly procedural adjudicator nomination service to the Namibian engineering construction industry. The service is oriented towards fulfilment of the FIDIC 1999 Conditions of Contract for Construction regarding dispute adjudication between the parties to an engineering contract. Similar conditions also apply in various other forms of contract.

As a non-profit organisation of engineering professionals, the EPA offers the NAL service on a not-for-gain basis to the benefit of the engineering industry, at fees that are determined after consultation with the NAL Committee, constituted of industry representatives, to cover the cost of the services provided. A specific aim is the development of dispute adjudication and adjudicators in Namibia, which due to the costs involved is currently still largely dependent on such sponsorship as the EPA can obtain for this purpose.

Request for Nomination of an Adjudicator / Dispute Adjudication Board (DAB)

Download the NAL Procedures Manual and forms from the links in the sidebar, complete the forms and email to the EPA-NAL Registrar, or ask for assistance.

If a party is dissatisfied with the performance of an Adjudicator nominated by the EPA-NAL, that party may request an Adjudicator performance review. The procedural guideline is available for download from the link in the sidebar.

Subscription to the EPA-NAL

Employers, as envisaged in the FIDIC 1999 Conditions, and other parties, who anticipate requiring the nomination of adjudicators to serve on several Dispute Adjudication Boards in the course of a year, are encouraged to subscribe to the EPA-NAL as a Major or a Minor Employer. These two categories entitle the Employer to nomination services at reduced fees, depending on the anticipated annual number of nominations required. Your subscription will also help to reduce the sponsorship dependency of the development of adjudicators and adjudication in Namibia. To apply for a subscription, simply use the link in the sidebar to download a copy of the Memorandum of Agreement between the EPA and Employers, complete it and submit to the EPA-NAL Registrar.

Application for Registration as an Adjudicator on the EPA-NAL

Suitably qualified and experienced individuals interested in becoming registered on the NAL as an adjudicator, and NAL-registered adjudicators who qualify for advancement to a higher registration category, may apply to the EPA. Simply use the link in the sidebar to download a copy of the application form and rules for scoring applications and submit to the EPA-NAL Registrar, or ask for further information.

Registered Adjudicators

The EPA maintains a current list of EPA-NAL adjudicators for rendering the adjudicator nomination services referred to above, in which case the EPA contacts adjudicators on the list, ascertains their eligibility and availability for the Employer’s / Applicant’s project, and obtains the adjudicators’ most recent CV for submission to the Employer / Applicant.

Registered adjudicators are required to earn periodic continued learning credits for maintaining the currency of their registration. Please download the guide to the relevant requirements from the link in the sidebar.

The EPA regularly arranges continued learning events for adjudicators. For further information please refer to the Notice Board on our Home page.

EPA-NAL Newsletter

Copies of the EPA-NAL Newsletter may be downloaded from the links in the sidebar.